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Productoverzicht in- en opbouw luidsprekers KEF, Innovators in sound

KEF logoKEF Ci Lifestyle

KEF has been at the forefront of loudspeaker design and technology for 50 years. Its technical expertise and innovative designs grace anything from discreet Custom Install Ci speakers to multi-award winning home theatre systems and class-leading, serious Hi-Fi stereo speakers. From 1961 KEF has been the most forward thinking and technologically advanced Hi-Fi manufacturer in the world.


KEF Reference In Wall

De nieuwe KEF Reference In Wall-serie. Een vrij extreme in-wall serie voor wie geen grote speakers in de kamer wil zetten, maar wél goed geluid wil. 

Meer informatie op: https://www.alpha-audio.nl/2018/02/ise-2018-kef-reference-wall/