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The ideas for the clic modules arose when the man behind clic, Mike Fabricius, was unable to find a thoroughly thought out piece of furniture to meet his demands of presenting av equipment.

The market was not able to deliver pieces of furniture that would meet the mere practical needs without compromising the design.

“Most sound systems are created to please your ears and not your eyes. And those pleasing your eyes, have often ignored your ears. clic originated from the idea of creating a luxurious piece of high quality furniture that hides what needs to be hidden and to present music or movie systems with a clear sense of style. Hide sound systems, cables, subwoofer, software, game consols and everything else you need hidden – and let sound and design capture the room.” - Mike Fabricius


The clic furniture are Danish design and produced in Denmark. When we produce a clic furniture, we use a special technique that allows a stabile frame without the use of a fixed back panel. After the furniture is assembled, we paint it by hand one last time for a perfect finish and sharp edges.


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